Commercial Services

We work with local authorities, councils, and businesses to provide a professional, fully insured and cost effective service to the commercial sector. Additionally, our highly trained and qualified staff are able to manage large projects and smaller developments. We consistently deliver work to the highest standard, often within tight timescales.

Tree Surveys & Reports

In a tree survey the health and condition of the tree can be assessed to identify what action is needed. Our expertly trained staff identify issues such as fungal infections, poor growth habits, presence of bats and identify trees covered by local authorities (TPO’s & conservation areas).

Tree Felling

We specialise in being able to assess the potential needs specific to the felling of trees. We advise our clients regarding whether this option is necessary and assess the risks and benefits of doing so. So whether your tree needs to be safely felled or requires climbing and dismantling, our team has the knowledge and the skills needed. We guarantee minimal impact to the surrounding areas. Safety is of paramount importance and we are proud of our staff’s ability to adhere to all Health & Safety regulations.

Tree Pruning

We offer crown reductions, lifts, thinning and dead wooding services to sympatheticly meet your tree’s needs and encourage good health. Our focus is to ensure the tree remains healthy throughout its life whilst enhancing its natural beauty.

Stump Removals 

Once a tree is felled the stump can remain and this is often in an inconvenient location. In this instance, the stumps can be ground away to leave the area clear and ready for replanting or landscaping. In more delicate or confined areas we can treat stumps with a glyphosate based herbicide plug which ensures that there is no unwanted re growth from vigorous tree species.

Tree Planting

From slit planting, hedge row whips, to large scale projects like tree planting we have the knowledge base and experience needed to correctly plant, fertilise and fit irrigation systems. This will ensure that the trees have the best start to a healthy life cycle.