Tree surveys & reports 

Tree surveys can be vital to tree health so it is important that they are carried out effectively. They are a keep part of the tree services we provide. The results may find various issues such as fungal infections, poor growth habits, bat presence or trees covered by local authorities ( TPO’s & conservation areas). The issues can betdealt with effeciently once known.

Tree Surgery

Whether your trees can be safely felled as one, or if they need to be climbed and dismantled in sections, our team has the knowledge and the skills to do this whilst guaranteeing minimal damage to the surrounding areas.

Tree Pruning

To ensure good health and a long life expectancy for the tree, we are able to offer crown reductions, lifts, thinning, and dead wooding services. This is done with precision without being intrusive.

Tree pruning

Stump Removals & Treatments 

Stumps can be ground away to a approximate depth of 6-8 inches leaving the area ready for replanting or landscaping. In more delicate or confined areas we can treat stumps with a glyphosate based herbicide plugs. Therefore we ensure no unwanted re growth from vigorous tree species.

Stump Grinding Somerset

Tree Planting 

Easily the most important and enjoyable part of our job. From slit planting, hedge row whips, to large scale projects like street planting. We have the knowledge base and experience needed to correctly plant, fertilise and fit irrigation systems. By doing this we ensure the trees have the best start.

Woodland management to suit your needs:


Removal of smaller or unwanted species from the woodland canopy to allow more space and light into the wood. As a result of this process we encourage a healthy environment.


Expert removal of certain broad-leaved species by cutting them at the base and allowing them to re-grow and to be harvested again in years to come. This can be for such uses as charcoal production, firewood, and green wood working.

Fruit Tree Pruning

Regardless of whether it is a single tree or an entire orchard, we are able to prune your trees. At Lannings we understand the importance of pruning to encourage a healthy tree.


We use sprays to remove weeds and promote the growth of more desirable species in certain areas. Typical areas range from gardens through to farm land.

Apple Trees

From the picking to the press, we can prune your apple trees to enable you to get the most from your fruit.

Tree Planting

We offer advice on tree planting, such as the most ideal specie for the area and their placement. From this we then plant individual trees, a collective or even native woodlands and orchards.