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What is stump grinding?

Stump grinding is a common technique used by landscapers to remove the stump of a tree after it has been felled. Frequently the primary concern may be to fell a tree for safety or cosmetic reasons. However, the problem of the remaining stump is one that is often not thought of until after the felling has happened. We are fully trained to deal with this issue efficiently and effectively. To achieve the best results and in the safest way this is a task best suited to a qualified person. Importantly, we do not advise the use of heavy machinery unless the person qualified to do so.

What we do

At Lannings we use industrial stump grinders wherever possible for these projects. We use the machine to remove layers of the stump until it is reduced it to the British Standards. Following this, the area can be replanted, turfed or landscaped as desired. This can often improve the appearance of your garden and reduce the risk of trip accidents. For this reason, stump grinding is a key part of landscaping.

In addition to using the machinery, it can also be necessary to kill off vigorous trees with a chemical compound to eradicate possible regrowth prior to grinding. The compound is inserted into the stump via “plugs” and the roots are effectively killed. We can assess the whether this method is needed dependant on the specie and placement of the stump.

Stump Grinding in a domestic garden

On this project we carried out work in a domestic garden in Weston Super Mare. Our client had had some trees felled which left a number of stumps behind. Prior to commencing work, we surveyed the surroundings. This ensured we considered any potential risks such as power cables or water mains. Safety is paramount at all times and damage to these may have disastrous consequences.

We worked methodically and within safety guidelines to grind each stump to the level required. Needless to say, our client was exceptionally pleased with the results and surprised by the impact on their garden.

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