Tree Orchard Management in Somerset

In this orchard a Poplar tree had been blown over by the wind, we had the task of disposing of the fallen tree and tidying up the orchard, disposing of dead wood and pruning the fruit trees. We have been providing Tree Orchard Management Services for over a decade.

The practice of growing fruit for direct consumption and for making Cider and Perry in the area is many centuries old. Many fruit trees can still be found in the area today, be they in a domestic garden or larger orchard. They continue to provide a source of nourishment, a valuable habitat for wildlife and a living link to our past.

The purpose of this guidance When moving to a property, many people inherit one or more fruit trees or even a small orchard, yet may have little idea of how to manage them. These notes are intended to enable you to look after your garden fruit tree, be it a single apple tree or part of a small orchard.

Apple & Pear trees – traditionally these are pruned in the autumn or winter when the tree has lost its leaves and is dormant and it is far easier to see what you are doing.

However you can actually prune apples and pears on any day of the year, and some people believe the cuts heal better if made in the growing season. However, it is a lot harder to see what you are doing when the tree is in full leaf. Some of the fancy trained forms like fans, espaliers and cordons are always summer pruned.

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